Client’s Experiences

From Allison Robinson:


Anne Coffee was our midwife for the birth of our second child. Originally we contacted her looking for a doula because we just weren’t sure if a homebirth was right for us. She met with us and spent well over an hour talking about all of our options, her services and listened to all of our fears and worries. We talked about my last pregnancy, the delivery of our first son and what we were hoping to do differently this time around. Anne answered all of our questions openly and honestly. Every worry and “what if” had an answer. We knew by the end of that evening homebirth was what we wanted and Anne would be our midwife.

At each of my prenatal checks she not only checked my blood pressure, baby etc. but asked how I was feeling emotionally. I’d never been asked that with my first pregnancy and it was very special to me to have that personal level of care. Anytime I had a question, worry, or fear it was addressed openly.

We attended Anne’s Lamaze classes and learned about letting go of fear, different techniques for coping with pain and how to trust my body to birth our baby.

When the time finally came for the birth of our son, Anne came as soon as I wanted her. She set up quickly as I labored and supported me with encouraging words. My labor was fast and intense. When I had a moment of “I can’t do this!”, Anne brought me back down to earth and reassured me I could and that I WAS!

After our son was born Anne helped me with breastfeeding, helped to get me situated and comfortable and let my husband and I snuggle our new baby in our bed while she cleaned up and completed all the paperwork. She made sure that I was totally fine and didn’t have any questions before she left.

The personal level of care Anne provided was above and beyond what we had expected. Because of her care and compassion we were given a birth we had always dreamed of. Being able to birth our baby the way we wanted in our own home was the most precious experience and we are so thankful to have found Anne.


From Effie Crandall:


I was very blessed to have Anne catch all four of my babies. She provides more than great services, she connects with her clients emotionally, recognizing they are far more than just “mom-to-be” to poke and prod and run tests on. Anne is compassionate, funny, and warm, all qualities a midwife should have. Anne was the perfect birth attendant for me, she knew when to let me do my own thing and when to help me through contractions and the pushing stage. She also came to check on me each time I had a false alarm with each baby. I had my placenta encapsulated with my last baby, and I cannot recommend it enough. This was my easiest postpartum transition, and I believe my “happy pills” helped immensely. I highly recommend Hands of Grace birth services to anyone wondering if homebirth is right for them.


From Halie Hanson:


You were such a part of a healing time in my life. I mean, lets face it I was a mess when I showed up that day at the clinic. You took me in, but I feel like it was mostly you that I connected with you. You hugged me that day at that very first meeting when my emotions were all over the place-and I was a very lost pregnant mother at 31 weeks-lol-who felt betrayed and confused by the medical community. You taught me that I am smart enough and strong enough to know my body, my pregnancy, and my baby- without the interference of other people. However, you also taught me that with a trained, educated attentive midwife, I can have a beautiful, calm, healthy, safe and tender birthing experience. I knew right then that I wanted you to be my midwife for any future pregnancies

From Carissa Wilkerson:

I knew as soon as I found out I was expecting my second child, that I was going to do a home birth. I had felt cheated out of the birth experience I wanted with my first. As soon as I met Anne, I knew she was meant to be the one to help us in this new chapter of our lives. She was so much more than a midwife to me. She was a teacher, a nurse, and a friend. We had a few kinks throughout that pregnancy, and Anne was with me every step of the way, doing anything in her power to help. Several times in the end she would come to my house on her free time just to check on me and baby. I can’t tell you how many times I called her crying, due to stress and sadness that my birth plan would not work out how I wanted. She was a rock for me to lean on, and she certainly took on more weight than I could have imagined. I had to start seeing Drs. and doing non-stress tests twice a week, and after all the professional advice and information, I felt confident that I could still have my home birth. She was honest with me, voiced her concerns, and told me she fully supported the decisions I made. My birthing experience ended up being so much better than I could have ever dreamed. At the point I said ” I can’t do this”, right before pushing time, she put my face in her hands and assured me I could and I was doing great. I got to assist in the birth of my son, which I never would have imagined. It was the single most amazing experience of my life, and I will be forever grateful to Anne for the empowerment of that experience. I can’t wait to do it all over again, and learn even more from this incredible woman.

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