Placental Encapsulation

The placenta is rich in hormones, protein, vitamins, and hemoglobin  (which is an iron-rich protein).

Some benefits of  consuming the placenta include: 

  • helps prevent postpartum depression
  • improves breast milk supply
  • boosts postpartum energy levels
  • shrinks the uterus
  • may prevent postpartum hemorrhage and decrease  postpartum bleeding
  • may prevent iron deficiency anemia

I offer two methods of encapsulation: the traditional chinese medicine method (TCM) in which the washed and drained placenta is first steamed with lemon and ginger and then sliced, dried, ground and encapsulated.  This method has been around for many years and has been proven effective, however as one of the benefits of placenta encapsulation is returning hormones lost in labor and hormones are very heat sensitive, I offer a second method: the RAW method in which the placenta is washed and sliced from a raw state, then dried at a low heat, never going above 115 degrees, then ground and encapsulated.

I also offer to tincture a part of the placenta. Tinctures can be used after capsules pills are gone in to reduce stress and aid in coping with life’s transitions. Many mothers use their tincture to ease emotional upheavals, anxiety, and stress during PMS, weaning, returning to work, illness, and even perimenopause. The tincture can also be used during times of transition, illness, separation anxiety, and so on.

I can also make a print from the placenta that makes a very interesting and beautiful work of art.

Fees: $250 (for your choice of services)

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