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Midwifery Care

Prenatal Care:  Appointments are scheduled in your own home and are 30 min to 1 hour to allow time for questions and relationship building. At every appointment we will: listen to the baby’s heart beat, check your vitals and urine, measure your uterus to check for baby’s growth, discuss nutrition, and get to know each other. Generally, prenatal labwork will be ordered at your first visit and you will go to the lab to have your blood drawn.

All of your records are safely kept online at a secure site allowing you to have access to them anytime as well as ensuring that I have them whenever/wherever I am when you call and making transfer of care easier if necessary.

Labor and Birth Support:  I reserve or insure back up for your birth from 37-42 weeks and have no time limit on hours spent with you in labor…some moms need support from the beginnings of early labor, and others prefer greater privacy. I provide emotional as well as physical support, monitor mom and baby’s well-being, and manage emergency situations if needed.  I generally stay for about 2 hours after birth to ensure that mom and baby have both made the transition well.

Postpartum Care:  After the two hour immediate care, there are also several home visits to follow mom and baby to assure that everything is progressing normally, provide support for breastfeeding, and emotional support.  The initial home visit is around 24 hours after birth to do the state required metabolic screening and complete the birth certificate.  The next is at 2 weeks and a final visit at 6 weeks during which a PAP screen can be done if desired or needed.


$2200 for OKC metro area

$2400 for 25-50 miles from downtown OKC(to cover increased travel fees)

$2800 for over 50 miles  from downtown OKC(to cover increased travel fees)


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