As of August, 2017, I am proud to say that I am celebrating 20 years in the midwifery field. I feel it is a calling!  I am  so blessed by all the families who’ve become friends, many of whom I wouldn’t have had opportunity to cross paths with any other way and many who have touched my heart and changed me forever.

I  provide all  care, prenatals, birth and postpartum visits in the comfort of your home.  I really love the dynamic of meeting with families in the same space they will deliver. I feel it allows us to form more of a personal relationship, rather than an authoritative one.

I am occasionally open to accepting doula clients for moms who want the support of a midwife but not a home birth.   I also provide placental encapsulation services.





About me

I am a traditionally trained midwife and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  I started training  in 1997 after the successful VBAC of my second baby.  I have attended hundreds of families as they birth, both at home and in the hospital.  As a childbirth educator, I enjoy teaching both to homebirth clients and to families planning hospital births. I also serve as doula/monitrice for families birthing in a hospital.  I am currently working toward taking the NARM midwifery exam to obtain my CPM certification. I have attended many conferences and workshops to augment the midwifery training and practice.  I have experience in birth photography and belly casting and placental encapsulation. As the mother of six children,  I personally have a varied personal birthing background, including a c-section and 5 successful VBAC’s both at home and in the hospital. I am a member of MANA, The Association of Texas Midwives. ICEA, and Lamaze International and am one of the founding members of Heartland Midwives Association.








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